Lemon Drop / Anticipating Dream

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All natural soy blend candle made with love in Colorado.❤️💛💙

11oz Wood Wick Candle - 50 hour burn time.

Anticipating-Minded-Transgression Dream is the technical term for this dream type. It’s a fancy way of saying that you are performing a task by habit. Do you need to do your dishes but have been putting it off? Did you cal off of work & dream that you actually went? AMTD will have you performing your responsibilities in the dreamscape. The dreamer may feel the guilt in the dream scenario & outside of the dream upon waking. While the dreams may stir up guilty feelings, they are actually an indication of great success! Anticipating dreams may be the product of stress relating to having many responsibilities. Feelings of guilt while relaxing instead of working might trigger anticipating dreams. Have you ever dreamt of doing a task you’ve been avoiding on your to-do list?