About Us

Have we met yet? I’m Casey Herr, the self proclaimed candle making wizard which runs this biz:)

My personal twist on candle making is inspired by DREAMS! My dreams have a dramatic influence on every important aspect of my life. An idea that originated in my dream, is now my reality:)

As a hobby, I have been interpreting dreams for 13+ years. I really enjoy reading about how dreams have shaped our entire world:)

Dreams deserve greater recognition! 

5 Things About Me!

1.) This is my first time launching a business!

2.) My love for candle making started while I was making gel candles with the RoseArt Gel Candle Factory in 2001.

3.) I used to melt down crayons for fun:)

4.) Before candle making, I used to work in my community as a professional cleaner & organizer.

5.) I have a beautiful family filled with an incredible husband & brother, tiny humans, & dogs:)