Cactus Flower & Jade / Cosmic Dream

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All natural soy blend candle made with love in Colorado. ❤️💛💙

11oz Wood Wick Candle - 50 hour burn time.

Cosmic Dreams, Epic Dreams, and Great Dreams are all titles for the same dream experience.

Cosmic dreams, are those with cosmic or celestial images like stars, planets, & the universe. Cosmic Dreams are taken literally & they require little to no interpretation. They will leave you with a memorable feeling long after you awaken. These images are so vivid & moving, they are impossible to forget.

An Epic Dream, can spark a big-picture realization for the dreamer, helping them understand the importance of the earth and no longer value business profits over the survival of the planet. The more often a person epic dreams, the broader that person’s consciousness.

Great dreams can show you meeting up with a god, goddess, or major dream archetype. You will feel a strong sense of positive energy, and may even feel that you know what your real purpose is:)